West River Pastoral Charge


Welcome! We're Glad You're Here

Welcome to the West River Pastoral Charge, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. We are a community of 3 churches - Durham Presbyterian Church located along the banks of the scenic West River in the beautiful village of Durham. Salem Presbyterian Church located at the foot of the beautiful Green Hill and Salt Springs (St. Luke's) Presbyterian church located on the upper West River near the foot of Mount Thom. We rotate our worship services on a monthly basis in each of our 3 communities.

Worship service is held at 10:30am and we are pleased to have Rev. Mary Anne Grant leading us.

It is our hope that you and your family will find our church a place of comfort and peace. A place where you make new and lasting friends and where you feel at home.

Worship Service

Salt Springs church

Salt Springs (St. Luke's) Church

Services are held in January, April, July & October in Salt Springs (St. Luke's) Presbyterian Church at 10:30am.

Salem church

Salem Church

Services are held in February, May, August & November in Salem Presbyterian Church at 10:30am.

Durham church

Durham Church

Services are held in March, June, September & December in Durham Presbyterian Church at 10:30am.

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